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Bindu Power Systems is a known name in the industry of diesel generators, operated from Bangalore, India. The company's core activities include generator sales and supply, generator service, generator rental, generator hire, generator lease, generator repair, generator maintenance and installation at commercial and industrial premises. Bindu Power supplies and services all brands of diesel generators ranging from 5 KVA to 600 KVA, to any part of Bangalore.

Bindu Power strives to provide appropriate power solutions saving valuable time and investment of its customers. We donít let our customers' business down due to a power failure. Hundreds of customers have relied on Bindu Power for their diesel generators.

We supply mobile generators, generator assemblies, generator enclosures, acoustic enclosures, generator control panels and diesel generator fuel tanks. Diesel generators and mobile generators ratings start from 5 KVA.

The generators that go on hire are very well serviced by experienced technicians for excellent performance. Generator rentals will be on daily, weekly or monthly basis based on requirement of our customers.

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Home Power Solutions Why Choose Us Express Enquiry Contact Us
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